Get Started

Start by integrating our SDK into your Android or IOS application. Set up your account on our proximity panel to create your proximity campaigns using geofences, WiFi networks and Bluetooth beacons.

SDK features

  • Scanning for Bluetooth beacons and reacting accordingly when detecting one correlated with an action defined in the panel
  • Observing rough location for detecting presence inside a defined geofence. Reacting accordingly to actions created in the panel
  • Scanning for WiFi networks - reacting if a detected network is connected to an action in the panel
  • Reacting and executing actions set in the panel based if the user belongs to a defined segment.

Possible reactions panel allows to define a range of reactions to proximity events these include:

  • Push notification
  • Push notification with external website link
  • Push notification with in-application deeplink
  • Tracking & Analiytics - user does not receive any communication but the interaction is recorded in the database

The app publisher has full control of displaying and final layout of the notification so they can customise it according to their needs.

Adjustable parameters

The proximity panel allows to adjust SDK parameters remotly for optimal use:

  • Bluetooth scan frequency (separate for background and foreground scanning)
  • WiFi scan frequency
  • Accuracy of reported location
  • Data & statistics upload frequency
  • How often the SDK refreshes its campaign layout do present most up to date reactions

Additional features

  • Conversion reporting - application can report back the status of push message (surpressed, displayed, tapped by user)
  • User tagging - app user can be tagged in the SDK (eg. premium user) enabling additional targetting of actions.

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